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Italian parquet

Calda e naturale essenza dell’abitare.

Berti Wooden Floors: the parquet’s history that grows. The company was founded in 1910 and today is the leading parquet manufacturer in Italy. Some things change with time, but some things don’t: the company is still a true family business managed personally by the company owners.

BERTI wooden floors for your home is a prestige choice. Natural, elegant, modern and warm – these are the characteristics of our parquet.  Charming and elegant sizes is our answer to the actual trends and market needs.

Laser Inlays Intarsia

Wood flooring laser inlay is the ultimate lever of parquetary. In old times this parquet had been used only as a décor within royal residencies and houses of great people.

The design differs from the complexity of the forms: different details in curved forms are used, floral motives, monograms and variety of highly artistic compositions made of these details. Physical characteristics, color and texture of the wood surface are taken into consideration when choosing the wood.

Take a look of the magnificient laser inlays wood parquet at the gallery link.

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