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We all share the love for adventures and long to travel and visit faraway places! In order to inspire our designed products


Burmatex is a British company specialized in carpet tiles manufacturing. This category includes velour carpets, (structured) Bouclé, and needle punch carpet tiles. Their advantage  is reflected in stability, consisting quality materials and modern structured designs which enable assemble in moree possible combinations.


Inspired by encounters in the Japanese culture; new and old, warm and cool, urban and natural – Osaka is a sum of contrasts which function perfectly together.

Tivoli Carpet Tiles

Tivoli presents a high performance (class 33) loop pile carpet tile, which can be used individually or in a bespoke arrangement, with the expansive, modern colour palette enabling neutral or innovative, creative layouts suitable across all commercial and public spaces

ZIP Carpet Tiles

Elastic carpet tiles with impressive appearance that offer a unique texture and color contrast, with variety of possible combinations for unique flooring schemes.


Go-to offers two designs – plain and stripe in a popular color palette of fifteen.  You can mix and match the plain and stripe options to create more interesting floor layouts or define zones.


Velour excel presents a luxurious, velour carpet tile suitable for use within the heavy contract market.

The premium blend of solution dyed fibres ensures velour excel is ideal for use in both commercial and public buildings.

This is only part from the Burmatex collections. For each of them and for other collections you can find out more at our showroom.

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