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Domo® Sports Grass is a worldwide leading expert in high-quality sports surface solutions. With more than 30 years of expertise, Domo® Sports Grass assumes its leading role in the most innovative artificial grass systems


Multi-purpose sports terrains are extremely practical for the municipalities, schools, hotels, universities, health centers etc.  which should keep as much as possible users satisfied on a flexible way. Such sports terrains trigger wide range of sports and recreational activities based on their multifunctional nature.  


  1. Saves money and space: only one terrain for variety of sports – football, hokey, tennis, volleyball, badminton and golf.
  2. Initiates development of different sports activities 
  3. Suitable for team sports and individual sports. 
  4. Can be used throughout the whole year
  5. Quick drainage and drying
  6. Supreme quality: hard to manufacture and dimensionally stable with safe surface.
  7. Minimum maintenance required
  8. Вградените ознаки секогаш совршено се видливи Built-in signs always perfectly visible. 
  9. Option for designing own terrain in different colors. 
  10. Quality guaranteed from independent testing laboratories.

FIFA, the international football association, has set up specific quality standards for artificial grass pitches in the “FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf”. As a result, artificial grass pitches can now also be used in competitive league play.

Domo® Sports Grass has installed FIFA 1 and 2 STAR pitches all over the world


Domo® Landscape Grass is a pioneer in the field of artificial turf for landscape. Artificial grass for gardens, roof terraces, pool areas, golf greens, outdoor living spaces, commercial areas, event floorings and play grounds.

ASPROM and Domo® Landscape Grass help you to make the best choice: we offer advice in relation to the turf mat, the base and infill systems, drainage and maintenance.


  1. Always green, also in warm weather circumstances
  2. Easy to maintain: mowing & weeding are definitely a thing of the past
  3. Zero water
  4. Ecological, no use of fertilizers
  5. Extremely suitable for pets
  6. Soft and continuously playable, perfect for children
  7. No dry spots for instance underneath the swimming pool or picnic blanket
  8. Easy to install and tailor-made
  9. Suitable for an unlimited range of applications
  10. Affordable
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