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Haro Parquet

Expertise from Bavaria since 1866

Parkett im Tafel-Design für noch mehr Exklusivität

Parquet in designed boards for commodity with more exclusivity. Handmade Parquet panels from high quality wood. Different types of panel designs made from individual wooden elements to expressive finish. Surface composed from 5 or 6 types of wood. Refining the surface with valuable aloe vera natural oil.

HARO Wall – Design Wood Wood on the wall creates eye-catchers in the room, emanating a distinctive sense of warmth and comfort.

The current trends in interior design revolve around naturalness and clear room concepts with large windows. Partial or complete wall designs with wooden elements fit perfectly. They create counterpoints to the room concept or emphasize it in a subtle way. This completely new living experience is underlined by the noble, selected woods, the impressive texture of the design elements and their matt oiled surfaces.

Open interior concepts with clear contours develop a different character with HARO elements. Wood on the wall creates eye-catchers in the room, causing a distinctive sense of warmth and comfort. No matter what flooring you have, you can create stylish accents with a partial wall covering, especially in large rooms. 

Another possible application of HARO Wall is the cladding of supporting columns and other architectural details. The dominance of austere architecture is reduced by the natural essence of the wood elements, which are harmoniously integrated into the room. 

Advantages that impress

The simplest and fastest system for wall panelling.
Particularly natural design thanks to the careful selection of choice woods.
Special natural appearance created by matt, oiled surfaces using a range of different textures.
No side framing necessary thanks to low installation height.
No drilling, nails or screws.

Simple, fast and easy to install

Remove the protective film. The ComforTec adhesive strips below are ready for immediate adhesion. Apply the assembly adhesive. Press gently. You’re done!

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