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Influence of the light and dark floor in a room

One of the most important elements within interior decoration is the choice of an appropriate floor. When you’re considering your choice of floor, think of the floor as one big painters’ canvas whereas the size, shape, texture and color are the brushes you paint with. Floors are simply divided into two subgroups: light and dark floors. The color itself significantly defines the character of the space and shapes its identity thus the identity of those residing or spending lots of time in the space.

Light floors

The light floors make the space more open, and make it larger than it actually is. That is why light floors are most appropriate for smaller spaces which lack light. By applying light floors, the accent is put on the room itself and its furniture, while the floor plays the role of source of light. When applying the wood panels in direction towards the source of light, one gets an impression of visually larger and brighter space.

Second advantage of light floors is their additional contribution for elegance in the room, emphasizing its contours, and the lines of the furnisher within. Elegance, sensibility and pureness are just few of the emotions that these floors will awaken in you. Tender and bright like snowflakes, these floors are ideal for dreamers and romantics who will find their inspiration within the space. Nowadays light floors are frequently used in residential homes decorated in modern style.

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Dark floors

Just as Yin and Yang, the light and dark floors represent opposites as well, which define the space in same and yet different manner.
Dark floors are more typical for traditional architecture and interior decorated in a classic and traditional style – as an allusion of times past.

Dark floors are most often used for wide and bright spaces. Their purpose is to complete the warmth of the family home and create comfortable ambient appropriate for your stay. When you imagine a home, your thoughts create an image of a space in which the dark color of the wood is dominating on the floor as well as on the rest of the elements which consist that space.
Darker nuances create feelings of security, stability and eternity – things that can last forever, same as the wood itself. Those are the exact values that a family is based on, as well as the home you are building for yourself.

Colors Combination

For those of you who are having second thoughts while deciding, there is another option which is becoming a trend in modern interiors – a combination of several nuances. By combining different floor nuances you gain a completely different inner feeling. Everything becomes more dynamic, and from a simple interior with small interventions, you gain new expression of the same space.

Choose the best color for the floor of your home, match it with the spirit in which building was constructed, connect it in a best possible way with your furniture and create a home of your dreams, a home you always wanted to have.

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