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Interior trends for this spring

New trends are on the way this spring which will surely leave important impact on all areas. Designers, artists, fashion designers are eager to create and present something new, unique and highly impressive each year. We conducted a small research for the trends that will mark the coming spring and we would like to show you how to implement these trends into your homes.

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Living Coral - Color of the year

One cannot speak of trends without mentioning the color which will prevail on the design scene. The Institute for color PANTONE announced what color will color this spring – and that is the 16-1546 Living Coral. PANTONE says that this is the color of careless happiness, so have it on mind when you think about the color you want in your home this spring. Draw attention to the walls in a room with this color, enrich the space with details in shapes of furniture, beautiful decorations, carpet, or just leave the TARKETT exposed and be sure that you’ll enjoy the home of corals color. 

Boho style is back on the spotlight

Although never outdated, the Boho style this year will be one of the most important trends in the interior design. Its multilayer and no limitless combinations of colors, materials and forms will enable anybody to design and decorate the home on a best possible way. The Boho style also brings a warm welcome in every home – an impression you want to leave on everybody visiting your home for the first time.

Geometry motives

Geometry motives are also one of the topics within the interior decoration which will be particularly present this spring. This year they will be included in all categories – from textures, neat installations, photographs, background, to the floor itself. If you are fan of geometry motives and you are ready to apply something unordinary in your home, the collection Mixonomi is the ideal choice for you. LVT floor with wide spectrum of models and various geometry forms offers a lot of options for creating a unique and ideal floor. The only thing you need to do is to let your imagination free and design the floor according to your taste.

Terazzo is back in trend

Plenty of you will be thrilled to hear that the terrazzo is back in trend. It is a specific material that combines pieces of marble, quartz, granite and glass within. The effect creates unique, monolith and beautiful surface, with pieces of different colors and shapes. This decorative floor is most frequently used for a décor of spaces in residential buildings – bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, as well as in commercial buildings.  
ASPROM offers the venetian terrazzo from the Italian manufacturer Ideal Work. In our showroom you can also find a vinyl flooring with terrazzo texture which can be appropriate replacement for the original material.

We tried to introduce you closer to the trends that will mark this spring and advise how to implement these trends within your space. Now it’s up to you to decide what suits you the most in order to make your living at your home even more pleasant.

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