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In our offer from now on we have the eco-friendly program of parquet adhesives from the famous Italian manufacturer Kerakoll, which is totally free from harmful emissions of organic compounds. These improved adhesives open new perspectives for improvement indoors air.

Following the positive effects on the peoples’ health and environment protection, Kerakoll went most farther than all other adhesive manufacturers. Kerakoll products for parquet flooring possess large number of international prestige awards and during the testings conducted at the world famous institute Eurofins Scientific Parquet Flooring, the company received an award  for safest parquet adhesive for peoples’ health among products of this category

Health benefits for people living in homes where eco-friendly products are being used are:

  • Improved air quality with in closed spaces
  • Minimizing the pathology caused by the so called Sick Building Syndrome
  • Prevention of bacterias, fungus and rust
  • Increased comfort anf quality of life
  • Healthy home
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