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SPORTEC® Sportböden und Elastikschichten

The German company Kraiburg Relastec was founded in 1947 and since then it specializes in rubber processing and manufacturing rubber flooring products. Today on the market are offered different types of rubber flooring and panels, for more purposes in different sizes and colors

SPORTEC® are rubber flooring products specialized for sports activities that can be used for outdoor and indoor sports terrains. They have excellent impact shock and audio absorption.

SPORTEC® flooring are made of 100% recycled rubber and consist of colored EPDM granulate that gives vivid and impressive appearance. Ideal comfort when walking or running, reduced sound of impacts, stability and easy installation and maintenance, are the characteristics that make these floorings ideal solution for group and individual sports activities.  

SPORTEC® flooring possess Cfl-s1 Certificate for fire protection (tested according EN 13501-1).  SPORTEC® products also have А+ rating for limiting VOC emissions into indoor air in accordance with the AFSSET regulations. Additionally, they have high anti-slippery performances R10 / R9 (according to DIN 51130 и DS label).

SPORTEC® flooring for basketball, handball, football..

No difference whether it comes to indoor or outdoor flooring, SPORTEC® offers solutions for sports terrains to be used throughout the whole year.

Characteristics of our sports flooring

  • Resilience: to meet the requirements of diverse dynamic movements (spinning, accelerating, jumping)  and loads during the game
  • Player’s comfort: to prevent injuries of the musculoskeletal system and the joints of the players and to avoid injuries from falling 
  • High ball rebound: so that the game / match can be played without any problem
  • Weather resistance: so that the flooring can be used indoors and outdoors in all climate conditions. 
  • Easy installation: save money because no heavy machinery is required.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: quick and easy for everyone.

Ball Rebound

Player’s comfort

Quiet and resistant

Sports flooring for fitness application (weight lifting, yoga, pilates, cardio exercises)

Ideal comfort, extraordinary features of impact sound, reduce of force, stability and easy installation and maintenance, are the characteristics that make these floorings ideal solution for all kinds of fitness centers.  

Available in different attractive colors, SPORTEC® enables personalized flooring design.


SPORTEC® – new generation of safe substructure for different types of artificial grass. As finished rolls, they are an alternative solution for the conventional elastic and glanulate substriuctures with full artificial grass. The special compound of rubber granulates with high performances makes SPORTEC® an innovative substructure for artificial terrains. The special content significates good ball return, extraordinary force reduction and good drainage

Artificial grass manufactured according to the excellent safety requirements standards for indoor sports and its application outdoors. 

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