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 According to the original recipe from 1898, the linoleum is made of 94% natural raw materials (linseed oil, wood and cork flour, resins), quiet interesting, don’t you think?

One of the most natural and sustainable flooring solutions on the market, Tarkett linoleum has been appreciated for its natural beauty, comfort and durability for over 150 years. The linoleum is made of natural materials and is 100% degradable. Linseed oil, wood, cork flour, resins and different types of pigments are needed for its production. Thanks to such ingrediencies, the linoleum is antibacterial and antistatic. During the production of linoleum and later after its application, there are no possible toxins that can be harmful to people or environment. Due to resins emissions, linoleum is considered suitable for persons with respiratory problems.

What are the benefits from linoleum?

There are lots of benefits of linoleum as flooring solution

  • Linoleum is natural, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable material 
  • Linoleum is pleasant and comfortable for walking
  • Material whose ingredients make it antistatic, antibacterial and antiallergenic floor. Ideal for homes and spaces for people who suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, as well as for buildings that require intensive care such as health institutions, schools, kindergartens. 
  • Highly endurable floors – can last 20 to 30 years, even longer should proper maintenance is provided
  • Relieves and decreases the pressure in joints, suitable for spaces where people spend lots of time such as offices, health practice offices, kitchens
  • The softness and the isolation features make the linoleum excellent audio and heat isolator: all sounds remain in the room and the outdoor sounds are blocked. This way the linoleum provides comfort for all..
  • Wide range of colors and designs that can lead to different effects and various space styles.
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