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Машина BDC-3140DBP

The BDC-3140DBP dust collection system is extremely quiet and designed for multipurpose use with medium to large grinding and polishing tips. The vertical profile is compact and offers excellent maneuverability with large wheels and two rotary / lock wheels. Due to its ergonomic design, it has easily accessible care and maintenance components.

Constructed mainly from steel, the BDC-3140DBP is made for professional use. The engine produces a maximum air flow of 300 cfm, with a maximum static pressure of 90. Easily changeable filters provide long service life through a fully automatic air purification system. A 90kg dust cover is easily removed for waste removal.

The BDC-3140DBP is an advanced machine that helps remove most of the dust and particles created by grinding and polishing.

This powerful industrial vacuum is also perfect for contractors who must use systems that care about the environment. This machine offers high performance at relatively low power consumption.

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