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SILVADEC Decking products are made of beautiful wood which has characteristics that are not common for other woods: sustainability on whatsoever weather exposure, rot-proof, resistant to termites and fungus.

These outdoor decking are used for private and public project (terraces, pools, restaurants, hotels, terminals, marinas etc.) 

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SILVATEC Decking provide guarantee for comfort, (requiring minimal maintenance) safety and are eco-friendly not harming the environment (free of toxic material) :

Sustainability without maintenance

Quick and simple applying

Invisible finishing accessories

Sound and eco – friendly investment

25 years guarantee from termites and fungus

Made in France in accordance with patented technology

SILVADEC is a French company and first in Europe which started manufacturing of compose materials made of wood and plastic (WPC) in 2001 under licence of Strandex – the world leader in this process.

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