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Nothing can compare with the feeling of natural wood. Its beauty, power and impressive character bring the authenticity to every interior.

The main difference between Tarkett multilayer parquet and classic (solid) parquet is its structure.  The Tarkett multilayer parquet consists of 3 layers of wood attached at an angle of 90 degrees. The upper layer of the parquet is made of hard wood (beech, ash, оак), and the middle layer is made of fir, pine or spruce, while rear veneer is used for the bottom layer.

The construction of the Tarkett multilayer parquet consists of the following layers:

  •  Surface protection of the parquet – Tarkett’s long-lasting glossy or matte varnish
  • The upper layer of the parquet is made of hard wood
  •  The firm middle layer of slats is organized so as to ensure stability of the parquet board
  • Balancing layer – increases stability and prevents separation of parquet boards 

The Tarkett multilayer parquet is delivered in boards ready for installation and it is presanded and varnished.

The benefits of the Tarkett multilayer parquet:

  •  Tarkett parquet is durable, stable and safe
  •  Tarkett parquet is delivered in boards ready for installation!
  •  Tarkett parquet is installed easily with or without gluing down, by connecting boards using the latest T-lock system which ensures almost invisible connection, which is safe and firm at the same time
  •  Tarkett parquets are made of the highest-quality wood,which is carefully dried with always even and guaranteed humidity of 6-8%, which represents optimum conditions for a stable and reliable parquet 
  •  The Tarkett company has more than 130 years of experience in the production of parquet. Manufacture of floor coverings has been our only business activity since 1886
  •  Tarkett parquet is available in more than 150 designs made of 6 different traditional and exotic wood types from all continents.
  • How to install Tarkett parquet

    Tarkett multilayer parquet is delivered in boards and you can install it immediately upon purchase. Tarkett parquet is installed by gluing or attaching boards.
    The boards are easily joined using the latest T-lock system, and the joint is firm, safe, and almost invisible. Tarkett multilayer parquet may be installed only on surfaces that are stable and without dust, cracks, sags, and other damages.

    The Parquet from the TARKETT company is excellent solutions for systems with underfloor heating conditions.

    Maintenance of Tarkett parquet

    Tarkett parquet is undoubtedly the best choice for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning of your parquet will allow it to last longer and look impeccable. Now you can use Tarkett’s products for cleaning which are safe for your family and environment.

    The temperature of the parquet surface must not exceed 27C, whereas the floor heating must be installed properly, without cold fields.

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