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Our assortment of skirtings was created to satisfy all the esthetic and spatial criteria. We offer wide range of profiles and possibilities. The Tarkett skirtings are constructed with excellent performances, they are easily installed on banisters, easily deinstalled and reinstalled for a short time. 

Transition profile skirtings are architectonic decorative details made to match into the wooden floor in order to ensure trespass from one different flooring to another or better to flatten the surface.

T-Profile is installed as transition skirting between two parquets or parquet boards whereas both floors must be equally flat.

Finishing profile is installed as a finish next to a balcony door or as finishing skirting of the parquet. 

Leveling profile is installed as finishing parquet skirting in accordance with other types of floor (tiles, wall-to-wall carpets) which is positioned on a lower lever (-14mm) in relation to the parquet.

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